[1] South African identity document (foreigners: passport);
[2] Utility bill addressed to your residential address less than 3 months (accounts for mobile phones are not acceptable);
[3] South African Income Tax reference number.

[4] (Confirmation marital status, i.e. unmarried or married.)


If Married
[5] Marriage certificate.
- If IN community of property (no antenuptial contract)
[6] S.A. identity document (foreigner: passport) of your SPOUSE.
- If OUT of community of property (by Antenuptial Contract ("ANC")
[7] Page 1 (and page 2 if necessary) reflecting the registered number and names of both parties.
- If your Marriage is governed by the Laws of another country/state
[8] S.A. identity document (foreigner: passport) of your SPOUSE;
[9] Name of the country/state governing your marriage, i.e. the country where the husband was living at the time of the marriage with the intention of staying there permanently.


· Person acting on behalf of the Entity must comply with paragraphs 1 to 4 above.
· All directors / members / trustees must also comply with paragraphs 1 to 4 above

[1] CM1.
[2] CM22.


Close Corporations:
[1] CK1;
[2] and, if applicable, CK2.


[1] Letters of Authority / Master's Certificate;
[2] Trust Deed and all amendments thereto.
[3] Resolution to approve the purchase (and loan application, if applicable) taken before the Agreement of Sale was signed. (The only exception is where it is a cash transaction and all the Trustees have signed the Agreement of Sale.)


· Detailed FICA requirements for Entities, will be supplied to such Purchasers, in due course.


· FICA requirements for Other Entities, if applicable, will be supplied to such Purchasers.